Persona Dolls

Persona Dolls
Thurrock Play Network has a selection of 24 different dolls from different cultural backgrounds, which can provide an effective and enjoyable way of raising equality issues. The dolls are a powerful tool for exploring, uncovering and confronting bias. They are also a fantastic tool for helping children to express their feelings and ideas.

Kommunication Kids and Puppets
These are two appealing puppets, one boy and one girl, who are wonderful interactive aids for language development and speech and language therapy. Their head, arms, hands and tongues are all moveable and are an ideal teaching aid for Makaton.
They encourage interaction, expression and communication. They help initiate role-play and build self-esteem, and most importantly they are a fun and innovative way to bring imaginations to life (A full catalogue is available on request).

Hire charges (2 weeks)
Persona Dolls – £3.00
Persona Doll Wheelchair – £3.00
Puppets – £3.00